Saturday, March 08, 2008

Spring has sprung

In Life's Garden

Count your garden by the flowers
Never by the leaves that fall;
Count your days by golden hours;
Don't remember clouds at all;
Count your nights by stars not shadows
Count your life by smiles not tears.
And to bring you joy this day
Count your age by friends not years.

Author Unknown

What a life !! Betsy relaxing with Ry. She is quite the snugga puppy.
She and I are soul mates as we love to eat too much, expend little energy, and relax on the comfy couch !

My second attempt at spinning using the Merino roving given to me by Heidi at the Artful Ewe when I bought my Kromski wheel.

The 2009 Nordic Knitting Conference is in the beginning stages. Teachers lined up so far are Pat Brunner, Beth Brown-Reinsel, Nancy Bush, Marianne Isager, and Katarina Brieditis. This is very exciting !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Nordic Knitters Swap

I joined Nordic Knitters on Ravelry. They are nice enough to let Nordic wannabe's participate ! A swap was organized and I was given a partner in Norway. Tone sent me these wonderful items. I LOVE these shades of blue Rauma. Milk chocolate is my favorite, and the buttons are beautiful. I hope your package gets there soon. It's been great writing back and forth.
Thanks Tone !

Is it a blessing or a curse to have someone in your knitting group who hand dyes roving ? I'm putting her sons thru college at this rate ! She's even done custom colors for me. Thanks Kristen !
She sells these plus handspun yarn thru Etsy as
These remind me of glowing embers.

Not much knitting getting done. Don't know why I'm having this lackadaisical spirit.
The rain has returned. Spring has begun though as the frogs are singing at night and the bulbs are just pushing their way out of the cold and damp soil.

Anna and Marc at a 1920's themed birthday party for friend Elizabeth. They were really getting into the spirit !