Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Score !

In my life I've never scored a great deal or find at a thrift store - UNTIL NOW !! This Oleana sweater was found at Value Village in Seattle for $6.99 !! I could see the sleeve from the down the aisle and KNEW what it was. YAY !! Pat bought it from me as she is an even bigger fan of Solveig Hisdal than I. Modelled here by my sister Tina, who was kind enough to let me stay at her place during the three day Scandinavian workshop at the Museum

I LOVED the workshop ! Again, so much fibery goodness, history, fellowship, and inspiring samples. Carol Rhoades is an excellent instructor. I've taken her Spinning for Socks and Spinning for Fair Isle, Aran, and Guernsey workshops also.

The first day we played with Norwegian Spelsau fleeces. Wow, such long hair like fibers which we pulled away from the undercoat. Experimented with various prep and spinning methods. COOL !

Saturday was Gotland fleeces and Twined Knitting. The one on the far right is a Gotland/Corriedale cross from New Zealand. The locks just bloomed open when worked with.

Sunday was Finnsheep and angora for Bohus style knitting. It was the first time I've carded and spun angora and I loved it.
We also tried a little Lovikka yarn spinning. It is so tricky to try and get such a very lightly spun bulky single from the rolag. I need to practice, practice, practice ! I hear you can ply two pencil rovings together and get the same effect :)

I should have taken more copious notes ! We learned to use the carders to get a combed like roving. I think she said the technique came from an Icelandic book.

There were so many wonderful samples but in deference to the designer I will just keep the pictures to myself. This mitten though was knit with the Two End technique using this Wool/Silk/Mohair pencil roving. It made a dense but lighter fabric.

A classmate raises Shetlands, Scottish Black Face, and Gotland/Finn crosses. She brought nine fleeces to sell. I came home with one and trotted over to Gretchen's Wool Mill to have it washed. She'll card half of it and leave the rest for me to play with. It's a lovely gray with light tips.

Fiber addiction has been much lamented upon by others and admittedly I've fallen under it's spell. Perhaps I should leave my checkbook home next time :)