Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Rose by any other name....

Saw this pattern on the
  • Knit Purl website and had to buy it. I used the yarn Irene brought which was dyed by Barbro. It's a lapel pin. I think it turned out well and I love the color.

    I took these pictures of Hälsingland sweaters at the museum in Härnösand last summer. Someday it would be nice to do one in that style.

    The kids and I were working on the upstairs last weekend to look for garage sale items and Marc found this. He made me laugh " Hey Mom, don't I look ripped !". I am so blessed with my three children. They get along for the most part and have a great sense of humor.

  • Monday, August 20, 2007

    Feels like Fall.....

    It's been cool and rainy lately. So many patients today said it feels like Fall already.

    I finished my Koigu shawl. It's very simple but as someone said the color speaks for itself. It is such a wonderfully soft yarn and this colorway I love. I joke I can only do the simplest of projects, that they are the "popsicle stick art" of knitting. I so want to do some lace knitting but that will have to wait until the storm is over.

    Thanks BW and KC for listening.

    From my stash-Claudia's Hand Painted "Blue Sky"

    Taken by Ryan, who has become a connoisseur of sunsets.

    Noble Sunset

    I’ve gazed upon the sunset
    In all its glorious hues;
    And understood its awesome power;
    Its propensity to soothe.

    The true measure of a person’s soul;
    The legacy left behind;
    Is akin to the masterful sunset,
    And etched in spiritual shrine.

    To be like that wondrous force;
    To shine boldly with color and grace
    In the last moments of one’s glory
    Until nobly conceding the day.

    James Holsey

    Saturday, August 18, 2007

    Summer travels

    Hard to believe it's mid August already. Haven't finished any projects lately and want to wait until I'm finished with my Koigu shawl before I take a picture. I have three shawls and one scarf going at once !

    These are a few photos from Anna's trip to Sweden. We are made fun of when we go over there because we always have to make a pilgrimage to the ancestral cabin "Oxnedalen" that is no longer there. Last summer we couldn't find it as it was raining and we went too far into the woods. Cousin Leif found it and here he is with his two daughters Astrid and Agnes, Anna and her cousins, Jessa and Elisabeth, showing their mock glee for finding the pile of rocks (foundation).

    A must for Jessa was a trip into Dalarna to see the Dala horse boutiques.

    Elisabeth, Jessa, Tina, and cousin Per Ingemar

    Anna bought these stylin' pieces in Stockholm !

    Thursday, August 02, 2007

    DC Appaloosa Hat

    I know my kids think I'm quite odd, but they are good
    natured about it, making me laugh with their teasing.
    Marc is wondering why I would knit a "horse" hat named
    after our mini DC. He was kind enough to model it for
    me though. DC is thrilled as you can tell ! He used to
    be a real rascal when a baby, so his former owners
    named him DC for Devil Child, I've changed it to Darn
    Cute ! He is very mild- mannered. Anyway, this was the first time
    I've used duplicate stitches. Still have to finish the
    back. The kit came from
  • Kids Knits with "Dale of Norway Yarn".

    Ryan, Anna, and Marc

    This is the yarn Irene gave me this summer which was hand dyed by Barbro. It is very soft and the color reminds me of blackberry/raspberry swirled sorbet.

    Emotional stress still has it's tentacles firmly entwined in my brain, I can only do the simplest of patterns. This too shall pass I hope.........

    God has said,
    "Never will I leave you;
    never will I forsake you. So we say with confidence,
    The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?"
    Hebrews 13

    "För Gud har sagt: Jag kommer aldrig att överge dig eller svika dig.
    Det är därför som vi utan minsta tvekan eller oro kan säga: Herren hjälper mig, och jag är inte rädd för något som människor kan göra mot mig."
    Hebreerbrevet 13

    Thank you LJ

    We had a board meeting last weekend for the Nordic Knitting Conference. There are only eight class slots open out of three hundred plus. This is very exciting !