Saturday, September 30, 2006

Work in progress

This is the other color way for Sirkka's mitten kit. Bad cold so spent the day on the comfy couch knitting. The camera is still dead so used the scanner. Love the colors and the feel of this yarn.

Hooray !!

My mitten and hat kits designed by Sirkka Könönen came in the mail today-both colorways. The yarn is fab, the color gorgeous, I can't wait to get started !
The mitten instructions are in English and the hat will soon be.
Thanks Carol for introducing me to Sirkka's work.
Thanks to the Yarn Harlot blog for the picture and to Susanna's website for the ordering information. Off to cast on !!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Felted bag

At one of our B & B knitters meetings Charisa brought some old sweaters she had felted and was giving away. Several members brought fabulous items they had created too.This got the creative juices flowing and I made this bag. It was a blast ! I turned the sweater inside out as I liked the kind of homespun/handwoven look to it. To hide the side seams I sewed on strips from the back of the neck and then cut some of the Nordic looking stars from the rest. The side pockets can hold straight needles.

The handles are from the ribbing at the bottom with plastic tubing on the inside.Thanks B & B for the inspiration. As soon as I finish this post Anna and I are heading to the thrift store!Thanks Karen for taking the pics !

We had our first Nordic Knit Cafe' at the Museum Monday night. There were 25 of us.Yay! Alot of ideas were bounced around for what we want this group to be.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Per Ingemar

Thank you Cousin Per Ingemar for being such a gracious host and a true gentleman.
He was so kind to arrange my knitting visits in Medelpad and in Härnösand. Not one single complaint or raised eyebrow from him about my knitting obsession unlike my family who thinks I'm crazy !!.
He renewed our vows in my grandmother's church in Stöde. It was very beautiful with the organist and Anna played "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" in honor of my grandmother and great grandmother.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thanks Barbro !

Look what came in the mail -my Swedish wristwarmer book and a lovely pair handmade by Barbro or "the blog lady". Aren't they lovely !

More pictures from the Museum in Härnösand from the New Craft Exhibit.
Lot's of great ideas !

More later !

Friday, September 22, 2006

Läns Museet i Västernorrland

I could spend days at
this Museum.
Here are some
pictures from
their permanent collection.

It takes a long time for the pictures to upload. I had hoped to be getting these posted faster. More to come......
Tomorrow is the Domino Scarf class taught by Susanna at Wild Fibers. This should be fun. Monday night is the first meeting of the Nordic Knit Cafe'. I'm trying to type up lists of useful links and books to bring to the event.It will be great to meet other Nordic Knit enthusiasts !

Monday, September 18, 2006

Märta Stina

Thank you Carol for introducing me to Märta Stina at Sievers. This innovative peasant woman who lived in Kubbe,Sweden between 1825-1903 designed beautiful knitted textiles. She was ingenious with her patterns and knitted the wool not in use at the back by twisting it around the wool in use on every stitch(Thanks to Britt Marie Christofferson's book " Swedish Sweaters" for the description)
Ulrika arranged to have Bengt let me view the 4 pieces that were in storage.
Thanks Ulrika and Bengt !

The back is as nice as the front !
It was very exciting for me to see these in person. Hopefully someday they can come to the Nordic Heritage Museum on exhibit.

Just received the Madrona Fiber Arts Preview for 2007 and Carol is teaching a class amongst others, on Märta Stina. Susanna will also be teaching some Nordic knitting classes too. Jätte kul !
Next Slöjd Kalaset at the Museum in Härnösand......

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Master Knitter

Thank you Ulrika for putting me in touch with Kristina Ericksson, a master knitter who lives in Medelpad, province from which my Mormor came from. It was great to meet her and see what she has created.

Here are some of the things she brought for me to see. Aren't these wonderful !

Thanks Kristina for taking the time to meet with me !

I'm jumping around here but we met these sisters, the oldest in her 90's (the spinner), near Järvsö. They were so charming. I had never seen flax spun before. She even let me take a "spin" at it !

Many more pictures to come ! Next Märta-Stina......

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ack Värmland, du sköna

What a wonderful trip ! Where do I begin ? It was great to meet Barbro after reading her blog the last few years. We went to the Museum in Karlstad, went yarn shopping of course, and had a wonderful dinner with her family. Here she is modeling a sweater she designed featuring Värmlands provincial flower the Skogsstjärna.
See the wonderful mitten she designed also with this lovely little flower. The pattern is on her blog.

This shawl was knit from yarn she spun and dyed with plants from her garden.

This is the wonderful Värmlandfår wool, alpaca, and nystepinna I received from Barbro and some of the great yarn I bought in Karlstad and Borås.

Many more pictures coming as I sort them out !