Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sirkka's Flower Rain Mittens and more

Swedish Proverb
"Sakta men säkert."
Translation: "Slowly but surely"

Finally finished my Sirkka Könönen mittens in the dark gray colorway.
Made at least one goof but that's for you to find ! It adds my own little quirk ! This yarn is lovely to work with. I hope to get a sweater kit in the future.

Started a hooded tunic for Anna using more Farmhouse Lumpy Bumpy.
"Purple Rainbows"
The different dye lots of the same colorways sure vary wildly.

It's supposed to snow more tonight. I have the day off so am looking forward to a day of knitting. I'm going to get started and keep going on one of those adorable sheep puppets if it's the last thing I do ! I keep making mistakes and tearing it apart. Multiple senior moments I guess !

I asked if Barbro could buy the two books on top for me and I'd send her some yarn. I love them. The book on the bottom she composed for a knitting retreat this past summer. So many things to knit and read about and not enough time to do it
all in !

Saturday, November 25, 2006

More Holiday Hats !

Check out Barbro's Christmas Tree Hats !Very clever ! One could have alot of fun coming up with decorations for adornment.
Several other's from her blog.

Want to knit Danish Nisse (elves) for Christmas ? Go to for a free pattern !

Saying for the day -
"Today I'm going to try and be as good a person as my dog thinks I am !"

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Santa Hat

Bought a wonderful book at Weathered Wool "Handknit Holidays" with this Santa Hat pattern in it. Was very fun to knit. Modeled here by Anna. Used some Cascade 220 Quatro like Chris did and homespun given to me by our former 4H leader which she purchased on Cortes Island, BC.
This book also has a Lucia crown, Swedish Heart-warmer shawl, Norwegian inspired mittens, plus many other holiday related items.

Tess came to live here last week. She belongs to Anna and friend Cindy. Such a sweetie and lots of spunk ! Loves playing chase with dogs Betsy and Wennie.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hobo gloves

Life has thrown a few curve balls the last few weeks so I've been doing alot of mindless knitting. The pattern and Farmhouse Lumpy Bumpy yarn are from Country Yarns.
Anna and I are modeling the colorway "Purple Rainbows" from different dye lots. Not very similar but vibrant nonetheless !

From left to right the colorways are "Charcoal, Clay, and Camouflage"
I call them Fingerless mitts, the kids call them Hobo gloves. Was surprised they even knew the word Hobo !

Thursday, November 09, 2006

More travel pics

Spent a few days near Trånås visiting with second cousin Mia, her boys Andreas, Johan, and Viktor. Mia and I became pen pals years ago while in junior high I think.
It was great to reconnect after such a long time and find out she loves to knit also ! She made the sweater she is wearing and was in the process of knitting another she had designed.They introduced us to the lawn game of Kubb which was alot of fun.I just printed off the instructions from Wikipedia and hope to have Ryan make a set by next summer.

Below is her twin sister Pia with her daughter Tea.

They were so nice to drive us around Säffle and Kila with mother Ingrid. Here they are in front of Von Echstedtska Farm. I have fond memories of going there with their grandparents years ago. Aunt Signe would get a good giggle from the murals painted in the outhouse. She was so cute. Here's the description from the Värmland Museum website

"Von Echstedtska Farm
Exciting Rococo interiors, the most beautiful outhouse in the country and if you’re lucky, maybe the farm’s unblessed maid just might pass by!
A tour of the Von Echstedtska farm includes a lot! The farm is perhaps one the strangest of Värmland’s preserved farms. It was built between 1762-1764 and has an exterior of almost complete Caroline influence; the low and tight manor house and the two pairs of wings but indoors it’s the Rococo that dominates. You can see it in the furniture but mostly in the wall paintings. In the vestibule the visitor is greeted by a pair of grenadiers from the time of Adolf Fredrik and in the main room there are paintings with biblical themes. Even the “Secret House” has burlesque decorations which are unique for the country. Enjoy the many wonderful smells and aromas from the herb garden and admire the trees in the apple orchard where we grow only apple sorts from Värmländ"

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Words for the day

From my favorite church in Sweden - Stöde.

"Blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it "


Well, have to devote some time to MPD (Multiple Pet Disorder)as that occupies part of my life too !
In front is DC, a 7 month old miniature horse colt who came to live here a few weeks ago. In back is his dad Cole.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hats On !

Mom forces kids to model hats ! Ryan being silly in my first knit project in years done awhile ago. Det är tråkigt och dum :)

Self portrait of Marc aka "Mr. Sweden" and wearing hat he chose at the
logging museum gift shop in Ängersjö. This museum is WELL worth a visit along with
the Överhogdal tapestry museum. Tusen Tack Per Ingemar !

Anna wearing the Blue Sky Alpaca hat sans tassel. Alpaca is the softest. Could "pet" this hat all day !