Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wonderful Finnish Designs

My camera has gone AWOL so I must use other resources. Hope I find it soon :(
Karen and I took a Kainu mitten class at the Museum taught by Tuulia. She hand dyed the yarns and made up kits for us to work with. It was a very enjoyable class.
The mitten I started is too big so I bought a set of half size needles to try.
(Photo courtesy of Tuulia)

Afterwards we joined the Knitters Cafe' in progress. Evelyn brought this bag to show and Karen and I fell in love with it. She found this on Etsy thru a Finnish vendor

My bag

Karen's bag

Another Etsy purchase - Celtic Knot Wool Diz
Magic Stix Fibers

All the way from Paris, France sbarao !

Check out Barbro's blog to see her cute mittens !

I'm 49 now, one year away from the big one ! Thanks, Karen, Debbie, Cindy, and my family for helping me celebrate.

Thanks Karen, for amongst other fun things,the little handcrafted sheep you made for me. (She's the one in the middle !)

Up until then it had been an emotional month of unknown reason.

Inner Turmoil Surfacing

Inner turmoil surfacing in
unexpected places while
no one sees the loneliness through
the windows. When
will the turmoil surfacing
and the questions burning
cease to undermine
what is entwined with
My tranquility? .............How
do those who claim to know
what fulfils the human soul
explain through learned verses
The truth that lies beneath the surface?
Yet those who claim to know what fulfils
This human soul, possess not
the desire or what is required to search
for the inner turmoil surfacing in
Unexpected places while
No one sees
The loneliness……..

Melanie Mohammad

Monday, November 17, 2008


At the end of October Tuulia , Katie ,Charisa , Nicole , and I went to Bellingham to attend a spin in, shop, and have a mini workshop on Tuulia's top down, seamless sweater. We stayed with Katie's parents who were lovely hosts. Great photos of this trip are on their blogs.

Brünnhilde's locks of lovely fiber !

Thanks Katie for organizing this.

Nicole, the spin doctor, trying to make a diagnosis after Polina continues to creak like an old ship.

How adorable !

Photographers at work !

Comes autumn...
with its addendum of moods and colours
and as nature unfurls its myriad of jewels
there be majique
of ineffable bounty
widening eyes, and broadening smiles
reminding us all of the credence that lies
in that ole cliche:
''change is good.'' (edited)

Frank James Ryan, Jr

Monday, November 03, 2008

My baby girl

My baby girl turned 22 last month. She is moving out next weekend to start a new chapter in her life. She is so unlike me, positive, personable, with a sunny smile.
Where has the time gone ?
She was kind enough to help out for two days at the spinning workshop. Thanks Anna !

In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.

Beth, my friend since high school, took me to her parent's condo for a weekend away on Whidbey Island. The beach close by was so beautiful, the fragrant salt air and the warmth of the sun made for a very pleasant walk.

Last weekend was a girls getaway to Bellingham. Next post will be all about it.The Spin Drifters had a spin in which included vendors. I did my fair share of shopping, my bit to support local farmers ! I won a door prize of New Zealand Corriedale fleece from Penelope Fibre Arts Boy, did that make me happy !

Alpaca which I want to blend with Finn.

I couldn't resist buying three Icelandic lamb fleeces from Wake Robin Farm. These two lovely colors, plus a black with gray at the cut end.

Brought them over to Michael and Heather's house where Bandit and Sadie were quite interested, and puzzled, about why they weren't moving. Hey, aren't we supposed to be herding these ?