Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nordic Knitting Conference Part Two

First of all many thanks to Tuulia for this gorgeous Laminaria shawl which she dyed, spun, and knit for me. Tusen Tack ! I LOVE it. She is a very talented designer of knitwear. Check out her Ravelry page !
(Photo courtesy of Knitlob's Lair)

More Conference news
Saturday night was the banquet where Katarina was the guest speaker. I knew she designed for IKEA, Linum, Rörstrand, Svensk Slöjd, etc., but I had no idea the breadth of her work which has also included working with fashion designers from Europe and Japan, plus much more. Most of the textiles I've bought from IKEA are designed by her. I would love to get my hands on some of her porcelain pieces ! The power point presentation was amazing ! I so hope she can be brought back to teach some of her Swedish traditional classes and it would be fabulous if the museum could have an exhibit of just her work. I wish I had a picture of the wedding dress that she and her design partner created for the DoRedo project out of 24 white sweaters from the Salvation Army. Wow ! (Photo courtesy of Svensk Slöjd)
Many thanks to the Nordic Heritage Museum, especially Charlotte (my fiber workshop enabler !), for bringing this all together. It's been a truly amazing experience.

Sunday was Modern Icelandic Lace with Evelyn Clark. Thank goodness Karen and Alex were flanking me to help fix all my mistakes and get me back on track. Evelyn had a turn at my sampler also ! She is a fantastic teacher. She brought all the Icelandic samples she has knit plus one shawl she bought off of Ebay for less than $20 I believe. Fleece and handspun examples, Icelandic knitting books, plus a DVD were also displayed. She took us on a little field trip to see the Icelandic lace pieces in the museum. Jätte kul !
Here she is wearing her Deciduous shawl. I love this one and want to try it for my first big lace project.

Karen showing off her sampler. You have been so kind to me and your infectious personality makes me forget my sorrows for just awhile.

Thank you Donna for this lovely little heart. It's so sweet.

Off to pack some more ................

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Nordic Knitting Conference Part One

I was so excited the first day of the Conference I was pinging off the walls !
My first days class was Marianne Isager's Entrelac. What a charming and delightful woman. I heard her speak a few evenings earlier at the Seattle Knitters Guild. She has lead a very interesting life traveling the world and drawing her inspirations from such diverse sources as South America, Africa, Japan, and beyond. Our class project was a mitten using Domino, Domino/Shadow, a Chevron stripe, and Entrelac. Very clever ! Look at her fab slip stitch vest. Churchmouse Yarn and Tea and Knit Purl now carry some of her yarns. Three of her books are coming out in English thru Interweave this Spring.

Saturday was Katarina Brieditis with DoRedo. She is so cute and fun to be around and has to be one of the most all around creative people I've ever met. For this class she showed many great examples from her project and talked about using every last scrap of felted sweaters one possbily could. I wish I had taken a picture of the necklace she was wearing using black brand sweater labels. I certainly pointed it out to a number of people. "Hi, this is Katarina Brieiditis - enough with the introductions - LOOK at her very clever necklace !" Tokig Americaner

The mitten is from an angora sweater.

Alex is a blast !

My SIL Karen helping out Anna, who loved this class. It was so cute when she called me that night all excited about DoRedo and then the next day from Pacific Fabrics where she was picking up supplies. She's made a handbag, a pair of mittens, and a decorative collar already. Karen really enjoyed it also creating a pair of mittens and a handbag. We hope to have a DoRedo party in the future.

My project using a sweater I found at Value Village. It already had enough pattern to it so didn't do any beading or embroidery but Katarina helped me add the fringe using DoRedo yarn.

To be continued .........................