Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yarn Train

Way overdue on my posting.... The Yarn Train was fabulous this year. Charisa is the driving force behind it with the Snohomish Knitters Guild, another brainchild of hers, sponsoring it. Thank you Charisa and volunteers !

Carol, her faithful companion.
Morgen and Debbie The ever smiling Kitty, a Knit Cafe' alum.

Linda and Jane
Kristin and her mom.
The wall of Koigu at Knit Purl
The shawl kit on the left was purchased by many, made of two types of lovely Shibui yarn

Katie who composed the wonderful "Train Song" which we all serenaded our fellow passengers with !
Yarn Train
Yarn Train Live

Waiting outside Voodoo Donut's with Debbie and Kitty. It was an hour in line before we could get inside to buy some of their tasty and trademark confections. Number one on the list was an actual "Voodoo" donut complete with a stickpin pretzel to curse some unlucky "b-----d" ! To think that donuts could inspire such devotion from fans around the world ! I was twice as lucky as Charisa had arranged to have their famous Bacon and Maple Bars delivered to the train station. Pretty good for how it sounds !

For more detailed stories of hijinks's upon the train see
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