Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Designs from Sirkka Könönen !

A letter came in the mail today from Sirkka Könönen with
two of her new brochures with new designs plus a few familiar
favorites. I LOVE the colorwork ! Included is some metalwork also but
that is for another entry !

My absolute personal favorite !

We are trying to work out the high finances for purchasing two of her
fabulous scarves. I can't wait until they finally come to my doorstep.

I am midway down the first sleeve of my Lumpy Bumpy Sweater.
Anna has decided perhaps it is not quite her style so I will be awash
in a sea of purple ! I guess I WILL be one of those old ladies
who wear that color !

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built."

Eleanor Roosevelt, My Day and 'This Is My Story,' 1937


Anonymous said...

Jisses, vilka vackra mönster. Kan man beställa broschyrerna nånstans?
Carin E

Karin said...

You can write to
Sirkka Könönen
Liisankatu 17 A
00170 Helsinki, Finland

vanessa said...

karin, can you please tell me if the sirkka kononen knits are already knit,or are they kits?
they are unbelievable!

Unknown said...


Do you know if Sirkka Könönen has a site or a webshop in order to find her gorgeous books.

Many thanks, because I saw her patterns on you blog and they are really gorgeous.


Susie said...

Hello Karin,
I was in Helsinki about 5 yrs ago and found Sirkka's shop. I purchased a sweater from her and would have loved to be able to purchase more when I returned home. It was very difficult communicating with her via email, as she had to wait for her daughter to translate and respond. There were also issues with making payment, as she did not take credit cards...I had to make arrangements to wire via a banking routing process.

Since you seem to have received correspondence from Sirrka, as well as receive brochures with her do you go about purchasing from her. I love the designs you have pictured in your blog!

I realize that the posts about Sirrka's designs is 3 years old...any recent communications or purchases?

My favorite all of the Baltic countries/cities, was Helsinki. My grandmother was born in Finland. I knit constantly and don't know what I would do without it!

I look forward to your response. Thanks!

Karin said...

Hi, Nice to hear from you. I'd love to see Sirkka's shop. I had to write thru her daughter and get some kind of draft or letter of credit to purchase from her. I bought the two scarfs and the book about her. It sounds like this was the same for you ?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to purchase (and download) Kononen's knitting patterns? They are so beautiful and would be quite the challenge to knit....

M K Flanary said...

I am also interested in her knitting patterns if available. I would appreciate your help. Thank you